Branches 1

Pondering the pinhole effect

I’ve been thinking about the pinhole effect. That darkening halo around the image brings to mind a number of not necessarily overlapping impressions. One is that of being older or dated which probably comes from a simple association with pinhole being a common sort of very old photographs. The second is that it implies memory […]

Alley Project #1

One city backalley block – five minutes – ten pictures….downtown Edmonton (in the order of my walk)

Natural Dog Photography

Hope you’ll drop by for a look….Natural Dog Photography .com

Picture postcard autumn in Edmonton


Blake Ward in Edmonton: September 8-11

The show is now over but for those interested in seeing more go to Blake’s website. If his work is not sufficiently inspiring, using some of the proceeds towards clearing unexploded landmines in post war landscapes certainly is. The following images depart from my usual verisimilitude. These were taken during the installation of the show […]

Cariwest 2011; Blue Hair

Some product placement and then flowers

A little known brand that should have a higher profile. Inexpensive but tastes as clear as can be. Distilled five times they say, and recommended for cocktails but this is just fine half frozen and straight. The flowers I found just down the street from where I live.

Baseball field re-imagined


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