Passion of the Christ

Just watched Mel Gibson’s bibliopic (in preparation for going to Apocalypto) and was blown away not so much by the story which held few surprises for me but for the iconography. This man, or his art director, definitely know their art history, esp the expressionists..Nolde etc. And though I agree that it is kind of a masofest, “suffer porn” someone called it, the imagery is something else.

Not up to discussing them yet but Pan’s Labyrinth and Children of Men are the best films I’ve seen in some time. I loved Casino Royale (and I hate Bond in general) but it was child’s play compared to these two.

3 comments on “Passion of the Christ

  1. Did you see any of the anti-semitism that they were all hollerin’ about? I didn’t. Thanks for the Harrison article, btw. It was very interesting. I liked the “idiots who major in English” part.

  2. You could certainly interpret all his woes as following on the insistence of the Jews. The Romans were unconvinced of his importance or the necessity of punishing him. As to actual actions, the majority of sadism, and there was no lack of that, was carried how by Roman soldiers. There were good and bad Jews and Romans both in the film. The other thing I forgot to mention is the portrayal of Satan or Lucifer was particularly effective and creepy even if understated.
    The ending of the film reminded me of Terminator for some reason. Going to have to go back and think about those with the Christ story in mind. But as I was mentioning to a friend, since most of the people writing screenplays were raised in the JudeoChristian tradition it is no accident that so many stories follow the same arc, motifs, etc. (see Superman). Recently also saw Fountain (a failure but an interesting one) which tries for a Buddhist kind of end but blows it (for you who saw it…he should have thrown away the ring).
    But back to Passion: it was tough to watch without getting riled up in that it was an extreme example of the story of a very good man being unreasonably beset without respite unto death. It really was a torture film.

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