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Dog Days

Spending my time finally looking at old saved up bookmarks of interest. Will post them in the near future or at least sidebar the lot. No problem staying up as I have just taken on a new puppy. Not only is the puppy spending the first day away from its siblings but we have the added annoyance (esp in the dog universe) of the canada day fireworks. So the poor stressed out thing is at wits end but not quite enough to sleep or do anything but howl. My poor daughter’s bed is right next to the girl (husky puppy girl) which is on the other side of the wall my terminal sits against.

I know that this puppy, Migoto, a Siberian purebred all white with blue eyes (pictures will come), will not only grow into her own but she will excite memories of Sasha, our dog who died about a year ago or so. Though they don’t look alike, as any dog owner knows, dogs of a feather or of a breed to be accurate, can be very close. Its not unlike when you meet someone who looks almost exactly like someone you know well and you are pretty sure you can predict a few things about them, and it usually bears out.

As I couldn’t wait for my daughter to age past diapers and especially into speech, I look forward to a slightly older dog. Puppies are fun but I favour the housebroken. A puppy is a diversion but a dog can be a companion. But for the time being, I’ll be happily diverted if a little uneasy about where that puppy is (have already moved out the carpet). And there it is for the next 15 years or so. I must admit that despite the increase of happiness in my life because of my last dog, a source of constant amusement and visual pleasure (an absurdly beautiful dog; I will be scanning in some old school photos and then uploading at some point), I have savoured being without. No dog shit to pick up, no need to be home every day, the expense of it, the everyday walk no matter how you felt; just the stress of being responsible for another living being. And yet that very annoyance gives one a grounding and also the important experience of living with an utterly alien creature -communing with a brain that is very different from ours. I think few would argue that any other dyad gets quite as close as man and dog and yet we ignore how different we really are. I would get glimpses sometime of that, where I would be looking at Sasha and her at me, eyes into eyes, and you just felt like you were gazing into the abyss. And possibly she was doing the same.

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