Barcelona Airport



8 comments on “Barcelona Airport

  1. soooo i take it your an ass man….

  2. strangely enough i never noticed the posterior framed in the interior.

  3. I’ve been sifting through and realllly enjoying your blog. I have no idea who the author is, and that’s kind of cool in a way too. Didn’t think a place called ‘Ass of Steel’ was going to house a bunch of compelling writing. I’ll definitely be back.

  4. What was the name of the sculptor?

  5. ass of steel !? hollycopperlappalis! i likie i likie. hahA from a newbie, from Land of Enchantment USA. Just what I like, taking world trips on my computer and learning cool new stuff – cmaxter – hope I can start a blog of some kind. yuhs around s

  6. Should have given credit. Botero is the sculptor (he’ Colombian and also has a long career as a painter). See other works by him at
    http://www.boteroinsingapore.com/TheSculptures.html which is his recent show in Singapore.

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