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Flying a little low on the inspiration meter so here’s a bit of a grab bag post.

This is a cool Lori Earley painting from a cool blog I just ran across.


This is a public sculpture in Prague which I did not actually see.

Things to write about: old guys still playing music (Neil Young: Musician as Farmer, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen and that meeting in the bar, Van Morrison: Why?), Bjork as the Wild Child, lists (of favorite writers, writers I have met, best unusual novels), more travel of course, who would you pick to do the soundtrack of your life (you can pick 5 groups/musicians), Woody Allen (books, movies, standup).

Just a plug for Jim Bryson, a hell of a songwriter, not the same as the version on his cd, also covered by Kathleen Edwards, here with Jim Cuddy. For an even better song listen to Sleeping in Toronto (you’ll have to click on it).

One comment on “Collage

  1. I might gush a little. Definitely going to exclaim.


    I just adore your tastes. That’s a great blog, ‘Your Drum’. The cat-looking lady threw me off for a second, I was like, where am I?

    I like the video too, laid back track. Sweet grab bag post.

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