She’s my new dogter. (Siberian Husky)





6 comments on “Migoto

  1. She’s a beauty.

    Her eyes look like she still carries some of Siberia inside.

  2. Lovely dog, wonderful photos. The pet store across the street from my apartment had a husky. I meant to mention it to my wife, but forget. A few days later I saw a random couple with said puppy on a leash. I was not happy.

  3. Nice shot in the kitchen dollface – now all you need is a shot of both you, you in the blue raincoat and Migoto all lovely white.
    Chuckles on a Sunday morn…

  4. I wanted to call you doll-face too, but just couldn’t, quite manage it.

  5. Maybe that’s why I like Vienna Teng’s Blue Caravan so much (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J94L5JvJNjU) even though I don’t think its the strongest song on the cd, or Rebecca Jenkins’ version of Am I Blue in Bye bye Blues (and she was buying groceries in the same place I was once (sigh) and she is feature in the Leonard Cohen video for Closing Time, and in other videos including Jane Siberry’s). Blue is cool and when it is saturated ala the kitchen cupboards above, it is an upper, not a downer.

    amuirin: As to dollface, let me assure you I do not resemble a doll. No porcelain skin, no prefab waxy features and protruding eyes, no pullstring in my neck. And re the Siberia; don’t know if you know Huskies but they are the cats of the dog world; distant and seemingly cold to traditional dog expectations, only affectionate in rumor. They like you around but prefer if you keep your distance.

    tania: Would have to figure out how to anonymise the photo: its my little rule: no pics of me or anyone I know.

    stevo: You might have come out ahead. I am enamoured with mine but she is a handful and if it weren’t for my daughter this little dynamo would probably be in someone else’s home. The beloved Sasha was with me for about 15 years and though I don’t regret a minute of it, I rather enjoyed the interim doglessness. Kind of nice leaving the house and not really having to come home for extended periods. Its like a previous study that seemed to show that childlessness equated with slightly more happiness in general. As much as these creatures fulfil us, they do stress us out.

  6. Awhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂

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