Some images are just worth repeating


Thanks to Hello Kitty Hell for this one.

6 comments on “Some images are just worth repeating

  1. That cat must have been fatally curious.

  2. […] of Steel has drowned Hello, Kitty in what appears to be […]

  3. Never did. Never would. Have a strange liking for the eastern beasties.

  4. Ok, you didn’t do it.. You just showed it.

  5. You’ll have to believe me on this but it wasn’t the possible expression of disdain for the hellokitty that drew me. For me, the tar dipping leads to a primal image that could be set aside early rough sculptures (those early goddess figures) or alternatively as a very modern element in the decoration of T2s’ home.

  6. I hope Sushi Kitty escaped un-tarred 😛

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