Music Project: Colours: Purple

The wonderful Courtney Love. I don’t care what they say, this song and this cd fucking rawks and I have to say, and I do like Nirvana, I like this cd as much as any of theirs. Its one of those cds you file away and forget about and then about once a year I run across it and think ‘why not”, put it on and get blown away all over again.

Purple in general is all over the classic years with Deep Purple (still well remember having just dropped some mescaline and having my friend loop some earphones over my head and for the first time hear Fireball), Jimi Hendrix‘s Purple Haze, Moby Grape, but fast forward a little and Nine Inch NailsA Violet Fluid. Instead of that tune, this is a cool mashup of NIN Closer crossed with the Beatles’ Come Together.

And to double up a little here, with Head Like a Hole, a great song and a video which does strange things to your eyes. Near the beginnning this makes me think of the Dali image reversals and later of Man Ray’s solarization photographs.

Tragically Hip have a recent one called In a Violet Light but again I go to another, the song before the flood, New Orleans is Sinking (and I don’t want to swim). Lead singer Gord Downie is a madman in concert, weirdly possessed. This band went from being the big Canadian band to subtly passing out of favour. Its easy to forget how impressive these guys are in concert, as is so obvious here. There’s a quality rare for stadium rock, if you can call it that, where they deliver the hit straight up and then start messing with it, mixing in other songs, and letting Downie fly off into his strange world and back again. First time I heard them, and especially with this song, I thought, here were The Doors reborn, more for the general sound and driving bluesy beat.

And now to a song I really hope you go to the trouble of linking to -no video but this is a great party patter song, think of B52s crossed with Martha and the Muffins. Its the Montreal band Creature and Sugar Plum.

What is it with Montreal and music; could do an entry on that and probably will some time. One band thats coming up nicely and not from Montreal is Of Montreal. This is Wraith Pinned by the Mist.

Not forgetting lilac, here is Jeff Buckley‘s Lilac Wine. Suitably atmospheric video.

I have to say I like the father more: Tim Buckley. What I liked about Tim was Greetings from LA. He’s kind of a stronger force with a definite corner on desperate sex. He has a song called Hong Kong Bar with the line “making love to you darling was like the tide crawling at the shore……and when I think about you, lord I long to be the same, got my pillow wrapped between my legs…” All in the most desperate voice of longing with a bluesy background. But alas the only videos out there are of his folkier softer side (more like the son; and what strangely parallel and tragic though separate lives. But running across his Sweet Surrender I happened upon the similarly titled song by Sarah Mclachlan. Ended up being a fan of a couple of her cds but she was one of those who when I first saw her I had no inkling at all that she would end up famous.

I couldn’t resist ending on this note: Adia. I think this almost a perfect song. One of those where the words don’t really matter all that much; its just the turn of the notes that kidnap your soul.

2 comments on “Music Project: Colours: Purple

  1. I found the nina simone version of the lilac wine one. Never heard it before that.

    I was kinda enchanted with that ‘Of Montreal’ one. I love the lyrics and the warped little video was awesome. “Let’s pretend we don’t exist..”

    Also really liked the beatles mash up. I so loved those Sarah Mclachlan songs at one point. Wore my ears off on Mirrorball. Surprised you didn’t spot her as an up and come ‘er with that ethereal voice.

    favorite mclachlan songs: Good Enough, and I Will Remember You

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