On not going gentle part 2: more thought


Just took the dog for a walk and the walk always seems to get the brainstem firing and I realized I had forgotten a few points about why the dominant youth culture is a good thing.

1. One of the great things about youth is the questioning of the status quo. This is something that should not be part of the “follies of youth”. The “someday you’ll understand its not that easy” while true can also function as an avoideance of action. New ideas are the provinces of all the ages. They will be judged on their merits more than their origin.
2. There seems to be more interactiom among the generations than ever before. People are no longer uncool just because they are old.

3. It helps reduce the deification of the old. I think the wise old man cliche came from the same impulse that tried to maintain old power structures. There are wise old folks but odds are they were wise young folks. Show me a young idiot and I will bet money that from that seen will grow an old idiot. People might smooth some rough spots but overall the son is the father of the man.

4. Could it be that the youth culture is the first step toward an all inclusive culture tilted not toward the young or the old?

2 comments on “On not going gentle part 2: more thought

  1. I donno about that. I think the inclusive thing springs from a greater degree of isolation than people in this country have had since the pioneers. And it’s oddly self-imposed. Youth today spend a staggering amount of time in front of screens. If they identify relate to people more democratically, it’s probably kind of a loss, because they aren’t identifying themselves as part of a distinctive generation, and I can’t imagine that’s gonna really help when identity crisis comes along.

    The internet is a big equalizer, where the inner is more important than the outer. That’s nice, in and of itself, but it bothers me how to see how much of life is being lived vicariously in the information age, instead of lived. I’d rather kids bonded with kids, as long as they’re getting out and trying and failing and learning to do it.

    Staying home and giving everybody a chance from a safe distance hardly feels to me like an improvement.

  2. You have some really good points. Maybe I’m a little rosy coloured about the virtual life because my daughter has rejected it so far. She is very physical, face to face, and though she corresponds a little, its really a last resort for her. See if that keeps up.

    I didn’t mean to imply that the ages still clung together but that they didn’t reject each other as much as before. But like you say, that could be a bad thing in the long run.

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