Saturday morning music musings…

Been revisiting Luke Doucet and a few of his were worth a post; the first a good video, the second a live performance:

It’s not the liquor I miss:


To get a little harsher now, this I heard just a couple of days ago for the first time. I was down at the salon playing Narcissus to my hairstylist named Echo,


I was the only one left in the shop, we’d been talking about Costa Rica and snakes, and the Gulf Islands; the last other person was sweeping up and a tune came on, and I had to find out what it was..

From the Desert Sessions, a spinoff project of Josh Hommes, featuring numerous performers such as P.J. Harvey and various previous members of Screaming Trees, Soundgarden and of course Hommes’ own Queens of the Stone Age. It surprised me because I never really liked QotSA except for the Mark Lanegan contribution but I had only heard Songs for the Deaf, and now I’ve got a later one in my car and I am liking it. Just goes to show, that not only one song, but one cd might not be enough to get you the proper perspective on an artist. This is actually the song on the cd after the song I heard but I couldn’t find a youtube for it. But this is close enough.

Other than this on the player mostly has been The Doors (you do forget how fucking good these guys really were, and not just St. Jim), and still the New Pornographers.

One last story for you folks. I had just brought from the library Sloan’s Never Hear the End of it. The first song was playing and it seemed to go on forever, and when I checked, yes, it was still on 1 so I jumped to the next one and the same thing happened. I thought “that’s annoying” and looking at the title wondered if this was the hook, that every song would play endlessly and you would “never hear the end of it”. Intrigued and yet pissed, I took it off and put on a Joe Jackson compilation and the same thing happened. Then in response to my increasingly vocal protestations, my daughter asked if maybe it was on repeat (a setting I know about but have never used). Arrrgh! It was thanks to my daughter playing her Hanna Montana with friends and there went my brilliant analysis of the Sloan record. (This had happened with a film once on my computer, where the dvd setting had been faulty and showed the movie in successive stills but the topic was such that I could imagine this being on purpose.)

And in the recent issue of Beatroutes, a sort of local music paper, ran across a howler that had me in stitches. It was a review of the latest LedZep release and the writer referred to one of the records as being their Heidelberg…and here my brain paused and started thinking oh neat, how are they going to compare this with an ancient German city with a castle and river, that I had lived in, and then the next phrase was”the great ship coming down in flames” and I realized the guy meant Hindenberg and I laughed out loud…now either he was an idiot who really didn’t know and wanted to sound good, and it really was an inappropriate reference anyway, or he just made a mistake and actually knows better…I was thinking that people should check their references but why would you if you “knew” you were right? Like I’m not checking. I know.

4 comments on “Saturday morning music musings…

  1. Awesome, awesome songs by Luke Doucet, particularly the top one.

    Is that the record cover, in the middle? It looks like Salvadore Dali’s dark period. Additionally, you have a hair-stylist named Echo? I think that fact alone qualifies you to have your own Bravo network television series.

  2. Not a record cover…
    That painting is the Metamorphosis of Narcissus by Dali (1937). And yes, her name is Echo. How cool is that?

  3. […] music was completely and totally the doing of aos over at Revenge of the Castanets. He posted this and told me he had me in mind with the Luke songs. He’s good; -really good. I loved both […]

  4. […] Second, NQ on stage engaging in the fine old Canadian tradition of beer dancing along with the line-up from his latest cd, all performing Luke Doucet’s song Bloods Too Rich (Doucet, Melissa McClelland and Justin Rutledge). Two more great Doucet songs here. […]

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