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Its traditional, its natural, its misleading…


I’ve already yammered on here and there about traditions. I do not believe in them. Saying something is traditional means nothing more than we did it a long time ago, and we kept doing it. There can be no necessary positive value to that statement.

Why are the women segregated during menstruation? Its traditional, its our tradition. Why do you beat your children? Why do you use three chili peppers? Why do you have a beard? Tradition makes for a description, a kind of explanation, but it cannot be a justification. More often it is oppression.

And the same with natural. Natural does imply the way things should be more than traditional does but it really doesn’t help. Natural is the way things have happened but it shouldn’t mean, like traditional, that these things should continue.

I think it is natural that we are destroying the earth. All creatures consume as much as they want; humans just happen to keep increasing their wants. Our encroachment into all territories is natural, our consumption of every drop of everything is natural, but it is no defense, it is no justification for those actions.

Natural is a funny one. People tend to think because something is organic, or of the earth, that it is necessarily cleaner than chemically derived materials. Carcinogens and radioactivity occur naturally. The body processes many items at the chemical level. It cannot distinguish between naturally occuring and manufactured vitamins. I’m not saying that in many cases involving food there may be other reasons for preferring the natural case, only that natural does not automatically mean better.

And don’t get me started on organic!


One comment on “Its traditional, its natural, its misleading…

  1. I wouldn’t want to each organic or natural food grown in the Love Canal. Labels are evil.

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