Dreamscapes Paintings Photographs

A few years ago, I heard that a long time friend of mine had an exhibition up at our local museum and wandered down for a look. I had expected to like it but I didn’t expect to be awed, and I was. Frank and I had lived in the same house for a while and I had seen a few photographs then, mostly National Geographic type photos from the short time he spent in Lesotho but this was something altogether different.

The photo below gives you an idea but its been manipulated more than most of his work. Its the only one on the web I could find of a good size. For a look through go to http://www.frankgrisdale.com/.


I was working in a bookstore when I heard about the show and one of my coworkers volunteered part-time at the museum. When I asked her if she had seen them she said that all her coworkers spent their breaks in that room looking at them. What you have to imagine is that these are the sizes of paintings, around four by five feet in size. They feel like paintings.

One in particular caught my eye. It was moody but I found it soothing. My ex (I was married then) found the same image disturbing; it made her think of death. Maybe I should have taken that as a sign. (If you go to his site, its the second last photograph in the Land collection).

3 comments on “Dreamscapes Paintings Photographs

  1. I like that one a lot. It’s odd, in a way, because there’s no real focal point to the piece which is unusual for art. I’ll go look at the others.

  2. Even though I read the word ‘photo’ what I didn’t understand even looking at his gallery pieces for awhile was that these are actually photographs not paintings. He seems to have found some unchartered territory in between.

  3. When you see them in person that sense is heightened because the sheer size of these things edges you in the painting direction.

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