This picture comes courtesy of Daily Dose of Imagery.

It was taken only a few weeks ago in Toronto. In Edmonton, much further north we’ve seen very little of this this year. Around my house is no snow, and in the city there are only little patches of hard mixtures of ice and snow here and there.

For all the annoyance of cold and wet, and trudging through the stuff, I find it necessary. Its kind of like Japanese or Scandinavian design; it removes the noise and leaves one with visual breathing space, an openness, a calmness, a respite from the assault.

5 comments on “Winter

  1. It’s a really beautiful picture to my eye.

  2. Sounds like something a pirate would say.

  3. Great image. So incredibly peaceful.

  4. I’m shocked and amazed Stevo….thought you were adamant against even the thought of snow.

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