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Weathering change


Someone needed to get out so out we went. One of the good things about where I live, even though it is well within the city, is that just two blocks away I can descend into a ravine that is deep enough to block out all the traffic noise and give the illusion of being out in the country.

For the first part of the walk and despite there being no sun in the sky, the snow was blinding. It was odd because it was an all over oppression rather than a sense of light coming from anywhere specific. I was slightly worried that the fabled snow blindness might come on if this kept up but after about ten minutes my eyes adjusted. Then a wind came up. It felt a little cold until we got into the valley and then it was peaceful, fairly calm and then just us and the odd dog and walker.

The snow was really quite beautiful and the walk invigorating as always. What was disturbing is that this is almost May and look at the snow:

April snow


Snow in creek

The thing is this. One week ago we were at twenty degrees above zero (centigrade) and there wasn’t a speck of snow to be found. Proof below.

Night dog

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