Gaudi: Casa Batllo

casa battlo

This time I made it inside.

casa battlo window

Last year, when I came to Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi was the only architect I was interested in, and the only Catalan architect I was all that familiar with. This time my attention turned more toward Domenech i Montaner and Josep Puig i Cadafalch (more about them later) but Gaudi still took my breath away. I did wander over to the Sagrada Familia again, that astonishing structure that just doesn’t photograph very well, and like with Casa Batllo, among the Moderisme architects, he remains the most surrealist, the most organic, the least restrained.

However, on visiting his Parc Guell I was horribly disappointed. As my companion described it, it was the Flintstones for grown ups. A mall like mass of people sweltered through the park on a hot day, children being encouraged to play loud games with whistles and screams, and all of it rather like bad Fellini. The one small annoyance at the Casa was that people who had picked up the portable audio guides tended to wander about like stunned cattle, standing stock still in very odd places, and more often than not, in front of the very thing you wanted to photograph. But, no matter, what a house!

casa battlo

casa batllo staircase

One thing not obvious from these photographs is the varied and ingenious methods of sliding wood panels that served to regulate air movement through the house.

casa batllo window

One last picture: the interior space seen from within..

casa batllo

3 comments on “Gaudi: Casa Batllo

  1. Those are just amazing photographs. I don’t know what the Parc Guell or the houses are, or anything about them.

    Wikipedia, I guess.

  2. Next time more prose….more background and info…

  3. […] more to Barcelona architecture than Gaudi, Domenech and Puig. The streets above were just outside our rooms (El Born within Barri Gotic).  I […]

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