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Salvador Dali – Figueres – Part Three

Above is a detail from one of the ceiling paintings in a fairly large room packed with paintings and sculptures such as the two below.

In rooms off to the side are holographs, dali’s bed, other furniture. This head is affixed by a long chain to the ceiling.

Often when you visit a gallery devoted to one artist’s work it fast overloads in too much of a good thing. In most cases, artists work in only one or two media however in this case, as was the case to a lesser degree with Miro, the range of the artist’s interests and media keep the attention fresh. Though always appreciative of Dali, I was overwhelmed by the sheer range of the display as well as how different various aspects were. For instance, the difference in the two sculptures above; one smooth metallic (like futuristic Arp) and the other roughly organic and insectile. And though I thought I knew quite a bit about Dali’s work, this museum showed me that there were avenues he had explored that I was entirely ignorant of.

What struck me as well was that this man is all too often equated with outrageous content and not fully appreciated for the delicacy of his method.

Below is a painting in the great room that looks out to the auto sculpture:

And opposing it:

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