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Salvador Dali – Figueres – Part Four

Above and below are two of a series of Dali paintings which construct scenes entirely out of rock placements. I thought I knew all the major turns in his work but I had not been aware of this group. Some of them were obvious reconstructions of famous works and some were not known to me if they also were. They all reminded me somewhat of the Group of Seven if they only would have had a figurative painter who was also oriented toward the Precambrian Shield.

And like others of this generation (and before and after) he ransacked history. Here we have Millet’s Gleaners as if done by Seurat and the still to come Warhol. I wonder if Warhol was influenced by Dali’s repetition of images within works. Or should I say, did he steal the idea?

Another constant trope in his work: the classical image; a cliche and yet like much classical art, transcending exposure, still dramatic, still evocative, still beautiful, still strong.

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