La Boqueria: Barcelona

These are pictures I took at the daily open air food market in Barcelona. Its quite busy most of the time and what the pictures do not show are the crush of the crowds, and also the many small places to eat that are within and surrounding it. It doesn’t look like open air but it is. Its kind of an open roofed stable structure with stalls just off Las Ramblas.  Also it was overcast and rainy that day.

La Boqueria has been around since 1701 and acquired the roof just recently. In 1914. If you are interested in a bit more, they do have a website.

It was amazing but a bit overwhelming if you are not used to the choices. There were alleys of fish on ice, long counters of fruit drinks, bins of candies and dried fruits, and canned goods too. A little wine store. What a town for food, and for cooking.

During my first encounter with a blood sausage (which I liked) as part of a tapa ensemble at a little place around the corner from where we were staying in El Born, we got to talking with an Italian couple who said that compared with Rome or Paris, this market was much better. Part of the reason, they said, was the display. Everything was so beautifully organized and laid out (quite consistent with the general talent for display in this city’s retail) and clean.


Mostly fruit


Not for vegetarians, or timid carnivores. Tripe.

A little more meat.

My favourites: the chiles.

2 comments on “La Boqueria: Barcelona

  1. I visited a market much like this in Bangkok’s Chinatown. Great photos, I’m glad the uploader was fixed.

  2. Thanks and thanks for the suggestions for dealing with that problem. Though this was a great market I’m sure its pretty tame compared to any big Asian one.

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