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Kelowna night

Great but short holiday away and rather than bore you with the good times I’ll entertain you with the stranger stuff.

1. Big sale at the Lululemon.

I don’t know if this says anything about the town but when Lululemon decided to have a warehouse inventory sale, just before the place opened, and bear in mind that Kelowna is not a large town, there was a line up that stretched for more than five blocks.

I can’t think of anything I would do that for. Much less a piece of cloth.

2. Mission Hill Wine Tour

One of those places that looks kind of interesting when you first see it and then as you get closer, and especially if you’ve been around the real stuff in the old countries, it just seems a little sad. Hot day and it was nice to get down into the wine cellars. But here’s the thing. You watch a film about how much the owner is devoted to making world class wines and how they won Canadian Winery of the Year for their Chardonnay in 93 or so.

If you were playing with the big boys you think you might not mention an award that really needed to happen again to mean anything, and chardonnay?? So you put out your 18 dollars and what do you get? A little bit of interesting information but the tasting consisted of low end wine that you could get in any restaurant, and the four wines in total came to less than half a glass. And did I mention the wine was not very good or even interesting?

On the walk back, all we could think about was having a good glass of something to wash out the disappointment.

I think they should turn their desire to be world class to the tour and give people a taste of some good wine, that is if they make any. Though I have never liked Mission Hill I thought on a tour I might be exposed to something new, something better, something unusual. But no; just the house stuff. If I ran the place, the tour would be free and the wine would be medium to high end. Get people interested in actually buying your wine. Showcase your skill and versatility. The tour should be marketing rather than a money grab. But I guess when you sink your money into faux classical buildings rather than taste, and self aggrandizing films rather than the grape, that’s what you get.

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