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Television in Kawaii, Warsaw, Prague, Barcelona: Part 2

In general, and of course there are much better things to do in this town than watch the tube, but the television in Barcelona is among the worst I’ve every experienced with a commercial to content ratio that is remarkable. Not that the content is much to write home about.

There are a couple of very odd ones…one which appears to be shades of Don Imus, whose television show was I thought was so utterly without charm it had to be postmodern.

Filmed radio. I’m not sure what these guys were on about but it had to be better than Imus (he was one of those where you’ve heard the name for years but didn’t know quite who he was and then when finally up against the real thing, you can’t believe they actually broadcast something so lacking in energy, or wit). And then there was this water cooler show where everyone sidles up to the camera.  That is the whole show; people come and go but every shot is like the one below.

But over all, past the endless music videos, which seemed somewhat dated, and the fairly hardcore porn bits advertising more if you subscribe to pay channels, were the psychic shows or the lotteries with babes or hunks who would keep up an endless chatter while doing kind of a sambo to and away from the screen and back again.

But then I saw the most amusing, and unbeknownst to me fairly popular product the globe over, the vaunted Jess Extender.

Loved this infomercial. Imagine thirty minutes of penis extension showing this product which as displayed could be worn unobtrusively because it works because of maintaining a constant tension on the member. Lovely animated line drawings of how it fits and pulls.

You know the old admonition to always wear clean underwear in case you get into an accident?  Well, what would be the etiquette of explaining this in your pants?  Probably show up on one of the ER type shows one of these days.

TV watching part 1

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