Field snaps

Posting a few shots of what I see each day at dusk a block from my house. These are taken with a simple digital camera with a zoom lens, without a tripod and holding an antsy dog on a leash. But still, its fun. Some of these have been manipulated a little with Picasa but no stops at Photoshop or anything professional. Pure amateur stuff from a guy who dreams of owning a wide angle lens someday.

For some reason, on most evenings, this field seems to have the most remarkable cloud formations.

And been taking a few when its really too dark for my equipment:

And to end on a moody fuzzy note:

2 comments on “Field snaps

  1. Great captures, Paul. The sky always amazes me, photographically. Each day it’s the same yet completely different.

    My next purchase (when? probably too long away to consider) will be a wide-angle lens.

  2. I’m figuring there’s no such thing as a bad cloud (or sky). I want that wide angle almost entirely to get more sky…seems closer to how the eye takes it in than what I’m working with right now.

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