Barcelona architecture: assorted structures

barcelona streets

There’s more to Barcelona architecture than Gaudi, Domenech and Puig. The streets above were just outside our rooms (El Born within Barri Gotic).  I don’t remember where all the following buildings were (should have taken notes I suppose) but most were within an hour’s walk.

barcelona building

barcelona building

apartments barcelona

Barcelona is more than grand structures. These apartments were in a neighborhood about five blocks from where we were staying. Nice to see people who aren’t afraid of a little colour.


This may have been the entrance to the building housing the Roman columns in the next picture.

roman columns

barcelona building

Like how this building looks as if someone just twisted the top half 20 degrees.


A church just off the Ramblas, near the Boqueria.

energy building

This, just part of the new wave of building, is just off the waterfront not far from the marina and aquarium.

4 comments on “Barcelona architecture: assorted structures

  1. Some damn fine images. The one of the arc and doorway is my fave. I’d love to shoot in Barcelona.

  2. Thanks…its an easy place to shoot…beauty everywhere you turn…once you’re there you want to stay and once you leave all you can think about is going back.

  3. Thanks for the post ,

    please check out my new blog on Barcelona and Spain



    Martin Brown

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