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And we’re back


Its been a while and I seem to have fallen out of the bloggery but hopefully this is a return. I expect to post many pictures, and a bit of text, following my late April trip to Bangkok for a week, a days journey through Ayutthaya, and a scant all too short two days around Angkor Wat. Along will be both my new Nikon as well as my pointshooter FujiFinePix. (And then in July two weeks in Kenya including three days on the Masai Mara.)

Also my plans to keep this blog to travel and photography might be shortlived; life is more than those things it seems. Politics is hard to stay away from now that we have a new science minister who thinks evolution is an open question, a continuing finance minister who is needlessly following the Americans into the money pit of hell (these supposedly free market types don’t really understand the separation between public and private monies) and a prime minister who is going after the CBC, again. But I will hold off on that for now.

How about books? Half way through Post Office (Bukowski) –see here for past musings and photos of the man – and I am struck again by the simple strength of his writing. Much like Richard Stark reveals now overadorned most thriller writing is, so does Bukowski pare narrative to the bone. And every now and then you get a holy shit passage of lifting the veil on some bit of reality. Everyone who cares about writing should read this man.

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