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On subject matter


Alright, it is another dog picture. What can I say. She’s always right there and the camera seems to like her.

And that’s the thing. I’ve heard and read about how photographers should seek out the light, or how its the vision rather than what you see through the viewfinder but what it comes down for me, as well as I suspect a lot of other lens jockies (and I am not suggesting any sort of professionalism but merely a love of the click), is that you take what you can get.

I am not suggesting an utter lack of discrimination but for the last couple of years just about every photograph I took was with one hand holding an antsy dog (see above for dog). Lately, I have a nice offleash area and I’ve been less tethered, and I’ve been taking a couple inside too. But the thing was, just because I did not have the freedom to choose my time I had to shoot within what were often bad light hours. But what I tell myself is that this is my apprenticeship. As a novice, I need quantity to work through the basic skills. And I have this idea, just like in writing, of the challenge or wresting out an image out of the barrens.

This is one of the reasons I love travelling. Though dogless is not something I enjoy for long, just me and the camera is quite a treat.

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