Never thought I would be missing winter..


When you start thinking of the world as images to capture, every day presents both a loss and a gain. The snow is rapidly retreating from the gully above, and down in the valley where I walk my dog, though there is still snow covering the land, it will be gone soon and though spring will bring other aesthetic pleasures, there is something remarkable about having that white blanket to work with.

another sunny day

Below is a shot from the creek that runs through the valley. It has been alternating between rushing torrents and thin ice covers from day to day, and within the days as well.

the creek

2 comments on “Never thought I would be missing winter..

  1. I’m no fan of winter by any means, but can you share where that shot was taken? It looks so peaceful!

  2. These were taken in the Edmonton Hazeldean area ravine which is distantly connected to the river valley system.

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