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Two good films; one Polish, one Norwegian

Squint Your Eyes (or Zmruz oczy) from 2002 is a marvel.  Its one of those films that in summary sound boring, and in fact, not that much happens and yet it enthralls from beginning to end.  In a nutshell, a young girl runs away from her affluent parents and stays with an unemployed acquaintance on a farm which is moodily like the station in Bagdad Cafe.  (This is a much better film though).  The people at the film are unusual but what really brings this film in is the cinematography; not just the images but the capture of some very difficult sequences involving a semi-domesticated eagle.

Here’s a music video made around images of the film.

The second film is The Bothersome Man (or Den brysomme mannen) from 2006.  This has one of those old plots of the man who finds himself in a strange new world and cannot come to terms with it.  There must be more, and he finds there is, but can he escape?  It reminded me slightly of Dark City though the films are not really alike.

The opening scene has a man waiting in the metro and not far off two people are kissing.  The kissing is so strange and so gross, it is perhaps what you think kissing might look like to aliens.  And there is a horrific yet hilarious scene not too far from the end that has the same crazy whacked out humour as Evil Dead.  Overall a deadpan mood not unlike that other Norwegian film Kitchen Stories.

Another trailer:

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