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Wat Pho

statue at wat pho

Wat Pho is the oldest temple in Bangkok and the home of the golden reclining Buddha.  It sits just before the river on the larger Bangkok side.  There are a number of structures within the containing wall with statues among the buildings.  Most of the buildings can only be described as garish.

I really could not warm to this particular aesthetic.  From a distance you would see what looked like bare stone edifices, and as you neared, you would see coloured glass and tile imbedded; what came to mind was an aesthetic informed by Christmas tree ornaments and used car lots, kind of an aesthetic that you would imagine magpies would develop.

For example, see below behind the vaguely Easter Island fellow.

statue in wat pho

But as to the golden Buddha, again though I have issues with gold, the size is impressive. At a length of 46 metres, it takes quite a few steps to get around this one.   One could buy pebbles to drop into bowls of water lined down one side of him, seemed like a hundred of them.

golden reclining buddha at wat pho

and his mighty head.

head of reclining buddha

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