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Power lines in Bangkok

power lines in Bangkok

You really get the sense of a much less regulated city than what is typical of the West. For instance, bundles and masses of power lines running over the outsides of buildings, people with their many businesses on the sidewalk and they running cords into nearby buildings; you did not get the feeling that everyone had permits.

One day walking from the hotel, I turned down a busy street and the sidewalk which was six or seven feet wide, on the roadside nonstop vehicles of every description, and on the other side businesses of all kinds, and between road and businesses, and one each side of the sidewalk vendors formed an unbroken line with their tables selling everything from mangos to shoelaces to cellphones to lottery tickets to hot food, for about four blocks.

There was just enough space for single lines going in both directions, and as you stumbled along in this queue crowd, you worked your way around the occasional beggar at your feet or someone stopping to buy something, all in sodden heat, loud traffic and people noise, dust and smells, some good but most bad.

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