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Various things: photographs, music, books

From Pierre Gonnard: remarkable portraits.

Bernardo II (2006)

And just today picked up Grizzly Bear‘s great new cd. Here is a cut, not the best one on the disc but kind of a creepy odd video.

Also taking turns on the player are the latest from The Bicycles, and some Neil Young after watching a biopic last night, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, still listening to Mother Mother, see below

But really waiting for the new Wilco.

And finally, local songstress Colleen Brown with this atypical, for her, offering.  Kinda retro, a bit Call me angel in the morning, and a little Fatboy Slim. And the video is low rent almost enough to be subversive.

And reading my third book by Martina Cole.  What a find.  I’d seen her books around before but they had those godawful British tabloid bestseller covers that made me think they were basically soap opera.  What I had been missing was one hell of a crime writer.  She is not only as violent and graphic as any of her male peers but her particular twist is that she spends half her time with the partners and families of the criminals and shows the crush and grind there.

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