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1. FemiNoshing: Why can’t even female TV cooks be fat?

via Sirens

Not a long post but a great question.

2. The Death of Macho Manly men have been running the world forever. But the Great Recession is changing all that, and it will alter the course of history.

via Foreign Policy

As the crisis unfolds, it will increasingly play out in the realm of power politics. Consider the electoral responses to this global catastrophe that are starting to take shape. When Iceland’s economy imploded, the country’s voters did what no country has done before: Not only did they throw out the all-male elite who oversaw the making of the crisis, they named the world’s first openly lesbian leader as their prime minister. It was, said Halla Tomasdottir, the female head of one of Iceland’s few remaining solvent banks, a perfectly reasonable response to the “penis competition” of male-dominated investment banking. “Ninety-nine percent went to the same school, they drive the same cars, they wear the same suits and they have the same attitudes. They got us into this situation—and they had a lot of fun doing it,” Tomasdottir complained to Der Spiegel. Soon after, tiny, debt-ridden Lithuania took a similar course, electing its first woman president: an experienced economist with a black belt in karate named Dalia Grybauskaite. On the day she won, Vilnius’s leading newspaper bannered this headline: “Lithuania has decided: The country is to be saved by a woman.”

Although not all countries will respond by throwing the male bums out, the backlash is real—and it is global. The great shift of power from males to females is likely to be dramatically accelerated by the economic crisis, as more people realize that the aggressive, risk-seeking behavior that has enabled men to entrench their power—the cult of macho—has now proven destructive and unsustainable in a globalized world.

-I’ve never believed in the moral superiority of either gender however I fully endorse throwing the foxes out of the henhouse. I feel no guilt as a male because I don’t think I even share species with these creatures. These are a special breed even if they represent the logical outcome of unfettered capitalism.

3. Adam Smith was closer to Karl Marx than those showering praise on Smith today

via Links

-Nice reminder to people who forget that Adam Smith placed capitalism within the context of government and controls and was full aware of the natural tendencies of those who play with money rather than work for a living.

4. The last word: Why old dogs are the best dogs

via The Week

What dogs do not have is an abstract sense of fear, or a feeling of injustice or entitlement. They do not see themselves, as we do, as tragic heroes, battling ceaselessly against the merciless onslaught of time. Unlike us, old dogs lack the audacity to mythologize their lives. You’ve got to love them for that.


via Daily Mash

Research director Dr Tom Logan said: “When it came to tobacco and alcohol we made the startling discovery that people over 30 were no longer little children who still pissed the bed.

“In fact, not only were they able to read the gigantic warnings on cigarette packets, they were also fully aware that drinking two bottles of Muscadet on an empty stomach could lead to hangovers, half-remembered unpleasantness and chronic liver disease – but they were going to do it anyway because they were adults and it was no-one else’s fucking business.

“When we asked them how they knew these things, they stressed that was also none of our fucking business and that politicians should stop trying to make everyone the same. Or they had seen it on Scrubs.”

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