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Frank Black: the curse of Yoko is broken….


I am listening to the latest Frank Black, this time his manifestation along with his wife, Violet Clark,  is Grand Duchy, and my god its a great record. It could easily stand in for a new Pixies record. It might just be the best post-Pixies Frank record for consistently fine songs from beginning to end.

I said, “the curse of Yoko is broken” partly in reference to how few good rock and rollers manage to recapture former brilliance, and partly how even more rarely it happens if they are trying to accommodate a new partner (ie. John and Yoko, Paul and Linda etc..). Its rare enough that old rockers come back (other than the constant reinventors like Neil Young or Tom Waits, and sort of Elvis Costello a couple of years back, Bowie with Heathens..McCartney almost with Fireman); I prefer more recent music in general but I never entirely write off someone who’s managed to produce a couple of great records. I always figure they just might have another in them, even those who have become rather MOR or gone rather muzak like Leonard Cohen’s last meanderings.

Anyway, great record.

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