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One great single, one great DJ and one great radio station…

Madness: Sugar and Spice

Richard Terfry keeps playing this song on CBC2: Drive and I do not mind.  Its one of those great Britpop/Brit Music Hall type songs and I do not even care about the lyrics.  And it is a far cry from their ska bit from 1979:

Madness: One Step Beyond

But back to Terfry.  He is almost the perfect DJ.  Most know must just in case, his dayjob is as Buck 65.  See video below.  He had always loved listening to CBC and it was kind of a dream opportunity.  He is really too good because all his subs for when he is away seem to really suck even though they are not that bad.

Buck 65: Shutterbuggin’

He does though still have that common weak spot among my countrymen of appreciating Stompin’ Tom and also Rufus Wainwright.  And I just cannot go there.  But overall kudos to the best daily radio show on the best radio station (Drive ).

And just one more cool tune from there (even if she skates close to Buffy St Marie warbling on the refrain):

Rae Spoon: We Become Our Own Wolves

CBC is really onto something with the musican as DJ.  They also have Randy Bachman and his show Vinyl Tap for which he dips into his own collection of rare demos.  See here.

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