Edward Sharpe, The Kingdom and Sum

New cd, new vid and new book; a great media day.

First: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Caught these guys on David Letterman performing Home (see below).  It was one of those performances where while you are taken away by it, you are not quite sure if it is just a little too precious and not sure if it indicates a good or bad cd.  Kind of a cross between Arcade Fire (who I love) and Polyphonic Spree (who I don’t); but I am always a sucker for a well placed horn.

Lyric “home is wherever I’m with you” made me think of the end of Constant Gardener where Fiennes is lamenting the death of his wife Tessa and how his definition of home was where she was (could not find the quote).


Anyway, sought out the cd, Up From Below and it is great.  An utterly unique sound even if it seems to speak of a myriad of influences from Moody Blues to Pentangle to even Merseybeat funnelled through Pete Seeger.  Kind of dated in a funny way but all new.  Worth a listen at any rate.

Desert Song

And hooked on The Kingdom:

Lars Von Trier’s Danish television series, and once again we have that brilliant Danish cine-industry!  A caution is in order though, the third installment was not filmed due partly through lack of funding and partly because of the death of three principals.

This is the best hospital show I have ever seen.  Kind of a hospital meets horror genre.  Absolutely engrossing.  Here is the somewhat histrionic trailer for this Danish Twin Peaks.

Finally, the book.  Sum by David Eagleman.


This scientist from Texas has imagined 40 possible shapes of an afterlife, and each make you put the book down and consider for a time. One that struck me, and it is the first, called Sum, is where all your like experiences are gathered together so you relive all your boredom in one long sequence, all your great joy in one, and all your showers for a few weeks. Reminded me of Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams, and oddly enough he is one of the blurbers.

3 comments on “Edward Sharpe, The Kingdom and Sum

  1. I’m going to track down this book. One of my potential thesis topics, which was shot down for being “too ambitious” this early in my career, involved new visions of the afterlife in fiction.

  2. […] is the most challenging film of the three. The incorrigible Lars Von Trier (of the Kingdom, and much much more) made this film quite a few years ago under the Dogme rules (essentially taking filming down to the […]

  3. […] I have not liked some of his films, (heartily recommend his unfinished television series The Kingdom, The Idiots, and Boss of It All) he is one of the few working directors who both manage to get […]

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