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Douglas Coupland’s Everything’s Gone Green

Just watched Everything’s Gone Green which struck me as perfect indie quirk. It lacked the terminal cuteness of many of the young uncertain life films; pleasantly devoid of frat scenes, schools, bars, etc. Our main character, Ryan, who looks like, and this will sound awful, a cross of a young Jeff Goldblum and a young Steve Buscemi, is fired from one dead end job but hears the news that his parents have won the lottery. It is a false win but on phoning the winner line he ends up with a new job interviewing lottery winners. And much more happens of course.

The script by Douglas Coupland is smart and thoughtful with all of the man’s trademark cultural observations and though a little removed at times always somewhat forgiving. Much like the interview below where he talks about the human desire for looking like everyone else as an expression of regaining the animal nature, of wanting to be part of the flock.

Its kind of a precursor to the short lived brilliant series JPod and another love letter to Vancouver. The female lead has the job of working in the movies shot in Vancouver and her job is to dress it up as other cities. She points out a botanical superstar, a specific palm that is brought in everytime they are trying to elicit south of Oregon. A few times in the film this plant drifts by, and it is like seeing a famous movie star.

Its just a great example of a not a great but a very good and satisfying locally placed film with real people and interactions. It is absorbingly genuine the way most films just don’t seem to be. Maybe that’s partly because one writer managed to stay in control.

One comment on “Douglas Coupland’s Everything’s Gone Green

  1. I haven’t seen the film yet, but there are quite a few good tunes on the soundtrack which I picked up last year sometime. Including Final Fantasy, who I’m going to see at MacDougall United tonight, with Timber Timbre (also an excellent new album). Now I might have to check out the movie as well.

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