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One of the real pleasures of taking up photography is perceptual. You seem to gain a number of cognitive overlays that add dimensions to seeing the world around you.

One of these, which could be called “looking for a shot” is a kind of framing template. You grab parts of the world that seem to come alive within a particular frame….you compose a shot.

What is interesting about this is that there are times that the world as a whole appears beautiful but even if it is drab it is almost certain that some part of it is not. And not only is the subset sometimes more pleasing than the whole, there is a peculiar energy that obtains within the frame. Simply bounding visual elements give them not only a power but introduce a kind of vision. You are your frame. Your frame is one of the main ways in which you express yourself.

The world is the world, and I have always loved about photography that there is part which is utterly independent of you, and declares the ultimate fact that reality is primal, that it is basic, and that it exists outside of cognition or impulse. No matter what sort of person I am, that cloud will always look that way. But the synthesis comes when I compose the shot; my impulse is evident in the frame. The tension between reality or nature and my desire creates the photograph.

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