October morning (and cellphones)

October morning

Woke up to a very misty morning. Though we’ve had snow a couple of times, and just a week ago windshield ice and sleet, and then tshirt afternoons again, this was back to a seasonal cool.

Later, in the day, driving to work, I was listening to someone rave on about the latest version of the iphone. I should confess that I do now own a cell, and just barely manage to raise the dust on my landline. I am an emailer first and foremost.

I do have a couple of philosophical concerns with all portable devices, even some non electronic devices. I do not like any devices with the potential to intrude when out and about. I like my reality straight up and find portable music, or work, or conversation from someone not there, a malformation of my reality.

I also dislike the infantilism of devices to meet my every need as it arises as though I am a mewling child who cannot wait. This is why I detest travelling mugs. Not only do they again detract from the world as I walk but they draw my attention to my needs rather than keeping it focussed outwards, where I believe it better serves.

Finally, I dislike how portable devices create new fears. Even though I do not own a cell, it seems more dangerous now to drive out in the country without one. What if my car breaks down; then what? Well, that what was everyday life less than a decade ago.

All these seem to fall under the rubric of becoming more childlike. Increasing fear, instant gratification and self absorption. Growing up was trying to lose all that and I’ll be damned if I’ll go back to diapers.

2 comments on “October morning (and cellphones)

  1. Insightful comment about the infantile effects of these devices. I still don’t own a cell phone, and when I divulge this information, most people look at me as though I were mad. But I agree with your assessment, and see a shift in the basic nature of people who become obsessed with these devices that is very disturbing to me.

  2. Realized the real shift of these being the default device the other day when I got a notice of a power outage coming up and saying that regular phones would not be affected, and they meant cells….

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