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Friday Allsorts

I was meeting a friend for beer and ended up having about half an hour to kill before. It was yesterday and an unseasonable 17 degrees or so, a last blast of warmth perhaps. It was to be the Sugarbowl which sits just atop the river valley so I walked down to the river and back.

I had not been down for about a year which is strange. This part just below the high level bridge is almost elemental for an Edmontonian. Over the years, I’ve spent time there cycling, running, dog walking, in altered states of consciousness, and this was probably the first time ever with a camera. But I realized from now on, when the weather is not bad I am going back down there. Preferably some days with sun.




There’s more than just these bridges down there; forests, river, grasslands, winding leave strewn paths and more.








In the meanwhile, songs lately on my mind are:
Tragically Hip’s Coffee Girl, almost sedate for this band but rich.

And Anjulie’s Boom


which is kind of like Sade if you made her down a few espressos. I am usually more of an album kind of guy but did not really like all that much more by her; the other stuff seemed kind of run of the mill urban but this one is cool cool cool. Check it out here.

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