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The Turtles of Subversion

(The video originally posted here was removed so you will need to actually click to get to it…my apologies…)

Ok, so the video misses the crucial cultural touchstone of the Ed Sullivan introduction and the unforgettable image of a man unable to bend or turn, a man who must have been the inspiration for Supermarionation, the only man on the planet whose demeanor would be unaffected by a baseball bat inserted up his ass.

But I wander from my purpose of extolling the wonders of this performance. Not only do we have an acme of bubble gum pop but purveyed in the spirit of both utter joy and abandon and love of the soaring melody line, the great backup, and yet also the subversiveness of the very existence of singers Flo and Eddie who would end up with great Dada Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention singing the Mudshark Arpeggio among other oddities and certain threats to right thinking folks everywhere.

But this video is such a hoot not only for a really fine clean song but Flo (the guy with the trumpet) just seems so timeless in his geeky appeal. And the one really dated element is that never to be seen again frozen wave type haircut on the guitar player. Is that even possible anymore?

How the boys look now (from sixstringplanet.com)

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