A bad three dog night

Migoto, the resident dog.

Dogsitting again.

The first night was as close to dog hell as I wish to come. Of course, the first night with dogs in a strange place, whether a new puppy or a new dog is often a trial. The dropoff went off fine but later that night tensions grew between my resident queen of the house, a very alpha female, and the visiting male, also quite alpha.

Visiting dog #1, Plato, male and alpha.

Often these encounters are decided fairly quickly but the problem here was that though Plato did seem to accept being second, every now and then would challenge for the crown.

The third dog was an older female and would side with whoever seemed to be coming out on top.

Dakota: visiting dog #2.

But the jostling, though a little worrisome was not the cause of the night from hell. First of all, I had been going through a few days of very little sleep. This night what I discovered was that the male was insanely vigilant and would bark to beat the band at every motion outside. I closed the blinds but then the sounds would set him off. So I decided the only thing to do was to lock both the visitors in with me in my bedroom.

There was the incessant pacing, as well as a bit of my own uncertainty not knowing if the pacing might indicate the desire to void bowels, but what really made the night complete were the dog farts.

No doubt all have smelled bad dog farts. My own dog hardly seems to do this but has on occasion made an impression. But I found out that night that she had plenty to learn in that department. This may have had something to do with their special food, which was uncommonly free of additives and preservatives, and was absurdly foul smelling even through the plastic container.

I think I ended up with about two hours of sleep with most of my waking spent trying to stuff my quilt up my nostrils and into my mouth to avoid the stench. Of course, I could not open my window because then the one would start barking at the night.

Happy ending though; the next night was clear and easy. No barking at the sounds, dogs sleeping through the night, and quietly farting some distance from me.

2 comments on “A bad three dog night

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