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Inside the Art Gallery of Alberta

A little while back I took a few pictures of the outside of this building; now I finally made it down to see the innards, and of course, the exhibits.

Gallery Interior Main Floor

A lot of interesting angles in the building but unfortunately, it did not quite make up for the drabness of most but not all of the exhibits.

Gallery from the main floor again

There was a Goya exhibit; small works, engravings. I have never been that much of a fan of his, and I have never been that enamoured of small scale drawings. As well there was a Degas sculpture exhibit that left me cold and Karsh who I have never been that fond of. Karsh seem s to be that one photographer than everyone over 70 seems to know as their one photographer.

Gallery exterior 1

The really impressive work was an aural piece consisting of about a 30 minute sound collage of musics, natural sounds and narration in a great room with 90 some speakers each individually controlled. It was called The Murder of Crows and the creators were Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller. Following is an image of the installation in another space but the set up is the same. (For a youtube excerpt see here.)

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