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Liverpool: Ron Mueck at the Tate Museum

Closeup: Ron Mueck sculpture at the Tate: Liverpool

On my second day, I wandered down to the pier where the Tate has a gallery and in the sculpture portion saw a Ron Mueck (previously). His work as always intrigued me. Life like representations are powerful enough but when you increase the size it takes it into another realm altogether. Recently in Geoff Dyer’s Jeff in Venice, the protagonist despairs of the power of large photographs in that anything displayed in a large format moves one more than it should. It is an easy route to aesthetic impact. Point taken, but I am still not immune to it. (I have always enjoyed any manipulation of “essential” qualities, such as also with Claes Oldenburg‘s soft sculptures (previously)).

Ron Mueck sculpture at the Tate

This sculpture is actually about eight feet tall.

It is within this room of many other works.

Sculpture Room at the Tate Liverpool

If you are thinking of visiting Liverpool, most of the galleries and museums have free admission; they may charge for special exhibits. This was worth a visit, as was the Walker with a wider range of art (much Victorian) and the Victoria Museum and Gallery (small but interesting). More on those later.

This is a city that knows how to embrace tourism in the best way, and to encourage cultural participation in its inhabitants. I would like to see my home town with its spanking new art gallery with its hopelessly substandard collection back off from its onerous admittance charge in a city whose populace seem to need to be dragged by the lapels into any visual art exhibit.

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