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Liverpool: Victoria Museum & Gallery

Interior staircase in Victoria Museum Liverpool

In the university area, the Victoria Museum and Gallery is a unprepossessing yet venerable presence dating from the 19th century (see here for the history of the building) houses an interesting collection of contemporary art (like the head below) as well as the sorts of things you would expect in such a place.

On this visit, I saw a collection of smoking pipes and items of their manufacture, tongs of childbirth though their evolution, various bones and creatures floating in jars, and a display of dentures over the ages. I should have expected this but it was still quite something to find out that false teeth had for some time been constructed out of human teeth often gathered on the battlefields.

Sculpture on display in the Victoria Gallery

It was a rainy day, but as I walked sodden through the exhibits, the grandest of all seemed to be the building itself, including a renovated surgical theatre.

Another interior view of the Victoria Museum

Just around the corner from the Victoria lie the buildings of the Liverpool University

One comment on “Liverpool: Victoria Museum & Gallery

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