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Near Liverpool: Gormley Statues at Crosby Beach

One of the hundred Gormley life-size statues at Crosby Beach

This is just a taste of a few postings later on the remarkable place that is Crosby Beach.

Colleagues and I taking the afternoon off from our conference, had heard of a place called Fresh Fields which was about 20 minutes by train from Liverpool. One of us, a garrulous gregarious fellow in the course of asking directions to the station, struck up a quick friendship with a retired policewoman who happened to live at a stop just before Fresh Fields. She alluded to the scores of naked men on her beach. At first I thought she was being literal but found that she was referring to these life-size statues of men marching into the sea.

I had blogged about this years ago (link) and when I heard of the statues, it twigged that it might be the same thing. I raved on the basis of a poor memory and managed to sway the group to disembarking with our new friend, and after a short walk through the village, arrived to see the marvels.

The statues stand near and far in front of a shipping channel that runs between the river Mersey and the Irish Sea. Even without the statues this is quite the memorable landscape.

Another marvel is the British rail system. Every 15 minutes this train moved along this path and allowed us a return voyage for around six dollars. Had I more time, I would have made many more such trips.

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