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Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

Maybe not the best trailor…

But what a film!

From the late David Foster Wallace book, this is an atypical but I believe quite an approachable movie for most. It’s smart and involving, provocative; its an actors movie.

Its a pleasure to watch a movie that both challenges the straightjacket forms of most cinema but is still a movie that I think many will about feel similarly to me. This contrasts with my love of Guy Madden which I think will be shared by far fewer.

Part of the problem is that with Madden films, you almost need some knowledge of early cinema, and you really have to be ready to let go of almost every convention of contemporary popular film. But I really treasure people like Madden or Lars Von Trier who make me feel as though cinema is still alive as an art form and not just as a diversion.

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