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Scratching the surface of a new camera

Two blocks from where I live; after 9 pm

Recently bought an Olympus Pen and though I am doing most of my shooting with the Nikon, I feel I better start learning how to use this one. On the way back from my walk, and these pictures, I started going through the manual and realized this camera has a ludicrous number of capabilities that my D40 does not.

Among them are these art presets which are fun to play with again after being manual for so long. Above is using the pinhole setting.

Landscape wrested from a scimitar of water resting on a baseball diamond

This is a sepia setting and while it could be improved I like the mood and how this simple shot of some water left on the baseball diamond after the rains and against the setting sun looks quite northern and remote.

One block in another direction; sun falling fast now

Finally, if I remember correctly, this was using the popart setting.

All in all I find the controls not quite as friendly as my trusty Nikon but the potential for experimentation and amusement is astonishing to me. (Though I will have to motivate myself to jump on this lengthy learning curve when I have that other much more comfortable camera at hand; but I am working for a future of carrying both about and taking advantage of the added range of having two very different systems to draw on).

One comment on “Scratching the surface of a new camera

  1. What possessed you to buy this new camera anyways?

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