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Flower in my front yard, and an alpaca

A misleading impression of what my front yard looks like....

Anybody know what kind of flower this is?

It grew in the middle of my front yard, and as I say, this picture might give you the impression that my yard is a little picturesque when it is really the opposite.

I attempted to dig out the dandelions this year which essentially left me with dirt, and of course, still with dandelions. Put it this way; I am the person whose yard is the one you do not want to live next to. Thankfully, my neighbor and I agree on the idiocy of front yards…not only a waste of space but ecologically one of the biggest drains in the city.

But here is a taste of things to come – alpaca portraits. My colleague is divesting himself of these creatures (free to a good home) and I took an opportunity to take a few shots.

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