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Fear Me Not: Another Danish film worth watching

Starring the usual suspects Ulrich Thomsen and Paprika Steen and more importantly with a screenplay from the always engaging Anders Thomas Jensen, Fear Me Not is a beautiful thriller. Beautiful in the same sense that Wallander is beautiful; unsurpassable vistas with the very human story at the heart of it.

Parallelling this is the story structure, where Thomsen plays a man who has a good life but is depressed. When his brother in law informs him of a clinical trial of a new anti-depressant, he finagles his way into the trial and finds that the pills seem to be the answer to his problems. But if there were no side effects, we probably would not have had a film.

This could have been over the top but it is not thanks to a restrained narrative imperceptibly building to the breaking point and even at that point not resorting to histrionics. Effective and very tense but without being overblown.

(And on a Canadian note I should add that this film ends with possibly the most horrible version of Neil Young’s Helpless I have ever heard).

One comment on “Fear Me Not: Another Danish film worth watching

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