On Photography: Part Four

Recently when I read about a brilliant amateur photographer who took hundreds of photos and kept about 6 I checked with a professional artistic photographer friend and he said that sounded about right. This was quite different from the way I shot which was about 20 pictures in an afternoon.

After this, (and partially because both were much more advanced in the art than I was) I thought they might know something I don’t and so I started shooting in the higher numbers. Since I was also experimenting with a new technique, it helped me refine my skills a little faster than I would have otherwise. I did discover that this did spur creativity some but at the same time I felt as if I was sacrificing contemplation…I was no longer thinking as much before I took a picture and more just shooting everything that had the slightest possibility of being something.

I am still wrestling with how I feel about this.

The obverse of this is the idea that deliberately leaving the camera behind can be part of the creative process, not unlike thinking before speaking. In this confusing pursuit perhaps both taking many and taking few are both true.

2 comments on “On Photography: Part Four

  1. Love the second photo there. I’m currently obsessed with trees, and I love the lines of the photo.

  2. Thanks Nat. I was just thinking of you. I’m a couple of chapters into a book I think you would really like. The Hakawati by Rabih Alameddine, though knowing you, you’ve probably already consumed it. Lebanese take on magical realism so far…..reminded me for some reason of Famished Road though don’t know if the comparison will hold as I go deeper into the book.

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