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Hot new music from around the world

June’s best new music from across the MAP

From TheGuardian, this fascinating look into new music from around the world has only the drawback that much of it is not yet available but the songs are full clips and the whole list can be downloaded. Good news is that this appears to be updated monthly and I will be looking for the older editions.

For example:

I’m Waking Up To…
Humming Kitten – Monochrome

Little is known of Humming Kitten, and we get the impression they’d like to keep it that way. It is a little disconcerting at first, approaching this musical project without any preconceived ideas of who or what the band members are, and appreciating their musical ideas purely at face value and on first impressions. However, once you soak it all in, you might feel that they’ve been there all along, lurking at your blogs or gigs. Revealing the chief conspirator as an entity known as Keyboard Cat, and that they favour a lo-fi noise-pop approach to their pieces, Humming Kitten ultimately sound so lonely with solitude as their ally.

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