Wednesday Jukebox

I haven’t posted any music in a while. Here are some videos of songs on cd purchases of mine within the last few months. A little all over the map but hey, aren’t we all?

Their most commercial release to date for TV on the Radio but I’m not complaining. When this group broke their first studio album in 2004 I felt this was the closest I had heard a new group actually produce a new sound – a sound that might portend the future of music.

The latest Death Cab took me a couple of listens to clue in and now I love it. It might feel kind of mild after TV on the Radio.

I have spent more money buying Black Francis related cds than any other artist. And while the debate is always how good his releases are in comparison to The Pixies, I have never really cared. Love Pixies, love Black. Though I come and go on many artists, Pixies and Black are on constant demand in my audiosphere.

It might be a stretch to call him unknown but Damon Albarn has never really been lauded as one of the greatest and most versatile songwriters of our time. But he is. Apparently this album was recorded on iPad.

I’ve rediscovered Bruce Cockburn to my surprise. Very much liked his first few albums and then grew quite tired of him (though, despite this, one of my favourite cds through the years has been Night Vision). His latest boasts some phenomenal acoustic guitar work and some great melodies. It reminds me both of Night Vision and of the more hymn like High Winds. Its encouraged me to go through his backlist and see what I might have missed in my anti-Bruce years.

So two videos here, the first a lament for soldiers dead in Afghanistan, the second with wistful with a lovely harmony vocal.

The National has been in my top five bands for the last five years or so. These guys are grown ups (and that’s unusual these days). Like TV on the Radio, this, their latest, is also their most commercial to date (but that’s ok).

And one more Canadian with a comeback album of sorts. Nice live performance here with Robbie’s signature Southern swampy slinky sound.

2 comments on “Wednesday Jukebox

  1. Hi Paul, I really liked your assessments here. I’m wondering how you are — tell me when you’ve time?


    • Wow..I have been looking for you! Being Mr. Non-facebook keeps me out of touch with a few people. If you were in town I would love to see you. Email me directly and we can “talk”.

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